Lavande : un parfum rempli de douceur

Lavender: a fragrance filled with sweetness

Throughout these blog articles, I take pleasure in telling you where my favorite collections come from, as I did for lilac , tulips , the sunflowers and the collection Rustic Boreal . Today, it's lavender's turn to be put forward.


You probably already know this, but I had the chance to travel a lot in the last decades, especially while we lived in the Netherlands. One of the trips I will never forget was in Provence, when we went to visit the lavender fields. Our visit fell shortly after flowering, but it was awe-inspiring to see these fields stretching for miles. One of the pleasures of traveling is talking to people from the region, who tell us how the mistral, this powerful wind blowing from the north, fills the air with a rich scent of lavender.

I dream of going back there one day, but for now, I'm taking advantage of the fields we have in Quebec, like those of Bleu Lavande (Magog) and Maison Lavande (Saint-Eustache). I actually went to Maison Lavande a few days ago, when flowering was at its peak. It was a beautiful place, where a sweet fragrance floated in the air that relaxes us and makes us feel lighter.

Lavender collection by Pero by Sophie Perreault

It is this emotion of calm and zenitude that I wish to create by presenting to you the ephemeral collection for the month of July. Available in around ten creations, each piece is unique and will bring a dose of softness to your daily life. Your kitchen, your bathroom or even your office will soon become a place as relaxing as a field of flowering lavender.

As a flower is only beautiful for a short time, my creations are always offered in limited edition. When they are all sold out, the pieces of the lavender collection will not return until next summer.

To discover the entire collection, search for " lavender " in the search bar at the top right.

Lavender collection by Pero by Sophie Perreault

Text and photos by Camille Labonté

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