Our team

Over the years, each member of the family has played a significant role in the business and helped make Pero what it is today.

It all started with me, Sophie, an interior designer by training who found a passion for painting porcelain. I have always been able to count on the support of my husband, Michel, who is now responsible for administration, packaging and accounting.

It is a real pride for me to be able to count on the support of my three daughters.

Camille , my eldest, is behind digital communications: photos, social networks, newsletters and blogs. Recently graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor's degree in French Literature with a minor in professional writing and editing. She is the head of her content creation agency https://jaunemarketingcreatif.com/ Camille has an innate talent for highlighting my products and capturing my art.

Claudie graduated in April from ESG-UQAM with a Bachelor's degree in FASHION, STRATEGY AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT.

She assists Camille in the publication and management of social networks.

What characterizes her: she is a go-getter, attentive to others and lives her projects intensely. She is sensitive, spiritual, creative with a generous and endearing soul.

Marianne , meanwhile, assists in production and transforms her creativity into new collections. She studied at Cégep in design and visual art. She has a crazy talent with everything she creates.

I am proud to be able to pass on my passion and my expertise to my daughters who each already have a wonderful professional future ahead of them.