Chaque jour, je profite de mon #momentPero

Every day I enjoy my #momentPero

What does taking time for yourself mean to you? When is the last time you stopped for a moment, time to put aside your concerns and worries, to devote yourself fully to the present moment?

Lately, my business is taking a lot of my time because of all the events I attend. Exhibitions here, collaborations there, two coffee-meetings, three phone calls and an online conference, I don't know where to turn as my agenda is overflowing with projects. I get up at dawn and when the sun goes down, I find that I still have so much to do that I question the need to sleep.

In our daily life where we are used to doing a thousand and one things at the same time, we do not see the time passing and we are constantly running after the clock. We work hard from Monday to Friday hoping to be able to rest a bit once the weekend arrives, but again, the list of things to do just keeps getting longer and longer.

STOP. Just a moment. Put on “pause” on all those thoughts that race through your mind. Take a deep breath and contemplate where you are today. It is sometimes necessary to put off until tomorrow what you cannot do today and to devote yourself a little bit to yourself. YES, you understood correctly: THINK OF YOURSELF FOR ONCE.

Latte coffee in a Westfalia cup

It is in this reflection that I created the #momentPero . I find it incredibly important to take time for yourself EVERY DAY. In addition to spending quality one-on-one time with ourselves, we become more productive by questioning our priorities. Our mind is more relaxed and we no longer seek to escape loneliness, because we enjoy our own company.

All the ways are good to take time for yourself:

  • Exercise: Get out your bike and go for a walk in a park, join a dance or yoga class or go for a run;
  • Bring a book or magazine ( Édition Papier , Véro , Elle Québec or Clin d'oeil ) to a café and enjoy your favorite drink;
  • Write in a notebook what makes you happy or what you are grateful for;
  • Get creative: try watercolour, drawing, scrapbooking, pottery or painting. Use your imagination;
  • Cook your favorite dessert (check out Three Times a Day or Ricardo for ideas!) and eat it guilt-free;
  • Visit an art gallery, museum or market where local artists gather;
  • Spend a cocooning day: bubble bath, mask, relaxing music and nail polish are on the menu.

Have a coffee with a friend in a nice place

Moreover, the simple fact of having a Pero piece in your daily life is another example of #momentPero. By choosing the piece that makes you smile, you are spoiling yourself in the best possible way. When you drink your coffee or tea from a cup decorated with the design of your choice, you take time for yourself.

Personally, every morning, I choose my cup according to my mood and I take the time to enjoy my coffee quietly before starting a productive day.

Coffee and dessert, a great combination

Lately, I take pleasure in sharing with you on social networks ( Facebook and Instagram ) some moments that I take for myself: when I go for a run outside in the sun, when I try a new recipe, etc. I invite you, therefore, to share with me your pride, your accomplishments and your gratitude by using the hashtag #momentPero .

I hope that we will bring together a beautiful community of people who know how to appreciate the small pleasures of life and who take the time to recognize that, although life passes quickly, we must, at every moment, seize every opportunity.

Written by Camille Labonté – Digital Content Assistant and Photographer for Pero

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