Solutions écologiques pour une planète en santé

Green solutions for a healthy planet

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Have you ever noticed how much waste we produce every day? Food wraps, plastic bags and disposable cups are some of the products we use every day that inevitably contribute to increasing plastic in our oceans and the volume of waste in our landfills. Recently, I read somewhere a sentence that deeply shook me: There will be no planet B. In other words, when the one we have has become too polluted, there will be no second chance.
It is in this initiative that I offer you three products in my collection that can serve as an alternative to environmentally harmful options. I notice more and more interest in zero waste. That's why I invite you to read on to find out more.
First, according to Radio-Canada , “the average Quebecer consumes about 250 coffees served in a disposable cup per year, or 10 kilos of waste. In Quebec, this represents more than 1.5 billion cups per year.” TVA Nouvelles , on the other hand, informs us that it takes 20 years for a paper cup to decompose due to the materials it is made of. Why continue to deliberately harm the planet when we obviously have other choices?
For a few months, I have added to my collection several models of reusable cups , embellished with various patterns to please everyone: flowers of all colors, cactus, Westfalia, bicycle, hummingbird and feather are just a few options among the wide choice. which is available to you. Additionally, many cafes offer a discount to consumers who bring their reusable mug. In the Gatineau/Ottawa region, we find these, among many others:
Besides, do not hesitate to ask your favorite merchant if he offers this service, you might be surprised! Visit the Ten kilos of cups site for other merchants across Quebec, including several in Montreal, Trois-Rivières and Quebec City, who promote the use of reusable cups.
In the same vein, among the products that I create, we find soap pumps that can be filled at distributors of ecological products. For example, in Gatineau, Planette products are on sale at the Planète Bébé boutique at Les Promenades de Gatineau.
Moreover, despite our good intentions to sort our waste, many plastic water bottles unfortunately end up in the wrong place, ie on sidewalks, in rivers and then in the oceans. In an attempt to reduce the amount of water bottles, I offer you the opportunity to bring a reusable glass or metal bottle to carry wherever you go: work, school, training, during a walk, etc. .
Moreover, two articles were published about me in La Presse Plus (March 24, 2019) and La Presse ( April 7, 2019), do not hesitate to consult it to find out more about the enthusiasm there is currently around reusable water bottles. In addition to taking a step in the right direction for the environment, these bottle formats are better for your health, because they do not contain BPA, a chemical found in certain plastics which penetrates the body, and do not retain tastes or odors.
White flower on glass bottle
Pero feather design steel bottle
Do not hesitate to include in your daily life these actions that will make all the difference:
  • Refuse plastic straws when you order a drink at the restaurant;
  • Buy organic products and products in Quebec;
  • Give a second life to your clothes the objects you no longer use by donating them to charities;
  • Reduce your water consumption by taking shorter showers;
  • Bring your reusable bags with you when you go shopping;
  • Limit the use of your car by using public transport or carpooling;
  • Properly sort your waste into their respective bins: trash, recycling and composting.
If together we take small steps towards a green future every day, it will become a habit and we will collectively influence others to do the same. Now, what are you waiting for to adopt a more ecological way of life which, in the long term, will have a significant impact on your consumption?
Do your part, one green choice at a time. Future generations will thank you for it.
Written by Camille Labonté - Digital Content Assistant and Photographer for Pero

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Wow très belle article, nous devrions tous être sensibilisé et passer à l’action. Bravo Camille allons de l’avant maintenant et pensons écologique. Merci Sophie de contribuer à l’avenir de nos enfants et pour notre planète car effectivement nous n’avons pas de planète B . Nous en avons seulement une ! Je collabore avec vous et j’achete PERO xx

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