My mission

I introduce myself, Sophie a colorful and authentic artist. My business has been my passion for over 10 years. My creative adventure started as interior designer, a multi-potential of handmade: bringing color and happiness in your daily life. A breath of fresh air to start your day. With me, no more ordinary and lifeless dishes. Family meals are essential for me, so why not also add a touch of color! Here is my colorful universe represented on pieces of porcelain, glass, stainless handpainted and designed in my workshop in Gatineau (Quebec, Canada). Whether on a cup, a reusable bottle, a wine glass, a bowl, a plate to present appetizers, an oil / vinegar dispenser, everyone finds a format and style that match your style! I secretly wish to become the benchmark in reusable and ecological product, the art of hydrating with style signed by Pero the artist, mother, and business entrepreneur! "All pieces are handpainted with great detail. I am the one who chooses and buys the items to paint, packages your parcels, brings them to the post office, manages social networks and the online store and responds to your messages. It takes a lot of organization, but when you do what you like, it's easier than you think! I am very proud to present and design a product that genuily fascinates me during all stages of production. "Handpainted collection on porcelain, sunflower flower design" I can't count hundreds of creations that left my workshop. I dream that one day, one of my works will end up in your home or a loved one's. What characterizes me is my creations variety, the unique cachet of each piece. All this for one purpose: offering impeccable service from the beginning to the end of its conception. Above all, I try to offer accessible pieces for all budgets and all styles! Passionate about life, travel, good family food, the "foodie" in me one day told myself: "Why not creating my own line for the pleasure of the table?" I love challenges and possibilities that all formats of porcelain or glass can bring me! I use my daily life to inspire me while playing with color, shading and details. Each piece on which I put my brush becomes a beautiful original, authentic and unique gift idea. I am happy to paint pieces in very limited quantities, either by the format and / or the choice of pattern. These creations are sometimes decorated with a border and / or a quote in order to further personalize them. Each is signed and dated on the back. The collections are always evolving. I buy dishes in limited quantities and I create a few copies of a model in a different color palette. If you see something you like, don't wait, because I may not reproduce it. My products are painted one by one with care and with the highest quality in mind. I invite you to visit the blog section of my site to learn more: