L'art d'offrir le cadeau parfait

The art of giving the perfect gift

Do you sometimes feel like you're out of gift ideas ? Not knowing what to give someone who seems to have it all?

This summer, there will be many occasions to be invited to events where it is appropriate to bring a gift: weddings, dinners on the terrace, wedding anniversaries, family celebrations and even more.

Blue Flower Stemless Wine Glasses Duo

To make a change from the typical gifts like a bottle of wine and a bouquet of flowers, I offer you a whole selection of colorful, handmade and above all, UNIQUE gifts ! There is something for every occasion, every taste and every budget. Everyone will find their account, I promise you.

  • For wine lovers , I suggest you offer a pair of wine glasses with or without stem. What's great is that they are easily distinguishable: one glass has a flower at the bottom and the other has a flower at the top. So when two people share a bottle of wine, there will be no more confusion about which glass belongs to whom!
  • For tea lovers , I suggest you offer a cup with infuser, a glass water bottle with infuser or a teapot. You could even complete the gift with a box of tea (like T-Surprise teas).

Westfalia teapot

      • For coffee lovers , there is a wide variety of coffee mugs in all shapes and colors. Small, tall, wide, narrow, porcelain, stoneware, glass – the choice is endless.
      • For the person who cares about ecology , I suggest you offer sustainable products that are alternatives to plastic products that have only a short lifespan: reusable porcelain cup, water bottle in glass and stainless steel or a soap pump (foaming or not). You can even complete your gift with ecological products from here: beeswax food packaging ( La Ptite Fabrique ), fabric bags to transport food, metal straws, bamboo make-up remover pads ( Ola Bamboo ), etc.

      Cactus Design Glass Water Bottle
          • For lovers of the outdoors , camping and sports , the collection of unbreakable and insulating glasses has been a great success for 3 years. They are ideal for dinners on the patio, campfires and the cottage. I also paint several sizes and colors of steel water bottles which are light to carry.

          Unbreakable glasses photo by Nomade Amoureux Photo credit: Nomad in Love

            • For great cooks , it is possible to offer products that will accompany them in their daily cooking: oil cruet, butter dish and spoon holder are particularly useful when preparing recipes. You could add olive oil (like those from Lahmar ), homemade jams, local products, colored dish towels, oven mitts, an apron ( Oh! Créations ) or exotic spices ( La Pincée ) .
            • For the person who always receives in a grandiose way , how better to decorate his table than with matching products? It's the perfect way to have a table worthy of the most beautiful Pinterest photos. Combine a magnificent salad bowl (accompanied by a delicious recipe from the ready-to-cook range of the company Happiness is on the plate ) with a vinaigrette bottle or even cocktail glasses with a carafe of water .

              Purple flowers collection

              Finally, no matter which piece you choose, I'm sure you'll find a design that will please the person you're giving it to. Every season I come up with new designs that spruce up my pieces and I'm always excited to create new projects from your suggestions.

              Currently, my collections are as follows: cactus, flowers of all kinds (sunflower, poppy, etc.), Westfalia, camper, bicycle, fish, maple leaf, olives, hummingbird and rustic boreal. Although availability varies with the seasons, an arrangement, with some notice, is always possible to meet your needs.

              Moreover, offering a gift signed Pero has more than one advantage. The next time you are invited to those to whom you have already offered a piece from my collection, nothing will prevent you from offering a different piece this time, but painted with the same motif. A great way to combine multiple rooms, don't you think? For example, if you give a soap pump decorated with an orange flower the first time, you can give a glass for the bathroom the next time also decorated with an orange flower.

              hummingbird butter dish

              What really sets me apart is that when you order, I offer the option of personalizing the piece of your choice with a quote , date or name that is meaningful to the person you are giving it to. In particular, I sometimes write the names of the spouses and the date of their marriage on wine glasses. For other occasions, I write a personalized message as a teacher's gift or a retirement.

              So, the next time you're struggling to find an out-of-the-ordinary hostess gift idea, will you consider offering a Pero product?

              Written by Camille Labonté Digital Content Assistant and Photographer for Pero

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