5 crèmes alcoolisées pour rehausser votre café

5 alcoholic creams to enhance your coffee

It is important to spoil ourselves every day with small gestures that make us happy. Whether it's ordering from our favorite restaurant, indulging in a day at the spa or enhancing our coffee with a touch of alcoholic cream, all ways are good! We share with you these five absolutely delicious Quebec spirits, for which we had a big crush!



This delicious creation by Chocolats Favoris is simply divine! Available in two flavors ( Milk Chocolate and Dulce de Leche ), it is reminiscent of the rich chocolate that this Quebec company is known for.


If it's hard to resist grabbing a second piece of crème fraîche at the holiday buffet, you'll fall under the spell of Distillerie Mariana 's Saint-Crème , as delicious on ice as it is on chômeur pudding!

Miele Cream

Amaretto enthusiasts will succumb to this creamy version of Miele Amaretto , created by Spiritueux Iberville. The Miele Crème , with its notes of almonds, honey and pear, is the sweet complement you need!


This novelty from the Blue Pearl Distillery will appeal to those who love crème brûlée. With notes of chocolate, vanilla and coffee, you can enjoy it in a hot or iced coffee, guilt-free! Two versions are available: Aléa L'Originale and Aléa Végane .


As the name suggests, Cremaglace is reminiscent of vanilla ice cream. Creamy and rich, we recommend it in an iced coffee or a latte, or even in your mousse! A new version of Cremaglace with chocolate milk has recently been added, it's a must try!

Do you have other alcoholic creams to suggest? We are curious to hear your recommendations in the comments below!

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Text and photos by Camille Labonté - Jaune Creative agency

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