Pero - Colorée et unique (entrevue avec Miss Simplicité)

Pero - Colorful and unique (interview with Miss Simplicité)

I don't know if you're like me, but do you like having colorful dishes in your cupboard? I don't need Chinese porcelain, because I don't think it looks like me! What makes me happy is having color in my life.

Beautiful cups, you can find them everywhere, but I want some that my neighbor doesn't have. Precisely, a Quebec artist hooked me with her unique, colorful and pretty pieces. The Pero company not only puts color on the dishes, it brings life to our daily lives.

I fell in love with Sophie, the creator and founder of this colorful universe. This woman has always created; jewellery, scrapbooking, painting, creations with dried flowers, etc. So, creating has been part of his life for a long time!

It was when she returned to Canada, as she and her family were abroad for a while, that Sophie decided to enroll in a porcelain painting workshop.

And from this lesson...

She painted as a hobby, keeping her creations or giving them to her friends. This craftswoman started creating, teaching the porcelain painting class and developing patterns for her art. It was in 2011 that she decided to work full time in her business.

This artist paints one piece at a time and feels the need to add a little unique detail. Which leads us to find a piece that suits us. She doesn't like to do assembly line production. First, she chooses porcelains that can be in limited quantities, which is what I like. Secondly, she likes to take the time to paint them, which I admire, because she puts her touch of authenticity in each piece.

My two favorites are: the duo of wine glasses and the candle which is a collaboration with Souvenirs d'antan. The duo is simply beautiful, each glass has a flower part, but not in the same place; one on the top and the other on the bottom of the glass. For what? To differentiate our cut. I adore! As the collaboration with  Memory of yesteryear . Sophie had a gift of Maison Riviera yogurt pots. Concerned about the environment, she decided to paint them to put things inside. Looking at them, she got the idea to ask another craftswoman to create a candle. It's of all beauty! What a good idea!

Whether in her studio, in her dining room or in her closed gazebo, Sophie spends her day creating, developing her social networks, taking photos of her works and managing Etsy orders. She has a crazy pleasure to show her passion. Lately, on her Instagram account, we can see behind the scenes when she paints while giving our opinion on her next projects. It's impressive to see her! This talented artist amazed me with her attention to detail and her creativity. I am far from having all his talent. Go see his stories, you will be as impressed as me.

Really, Sophie has a little je-ne-sais-quoi that I liked right away. Her smile and seeing her eyes shine when she told me about her business revealed to me a woman who is passionate about what she does. I love what she does and I want only two things: to have the chance to meet her in person and above all to have a colorful cuisine signed Pero.

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