Rencontre avec Valérie Cormier de Tendances Outaouais

Meeting with Valérie Cormier from Tendances Outaouais

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Finally it's time for a-Pero!

A meeting with the Gatineau artist Sophie Perreault is like opening the windows in the spring and breathing a breath of fresh air all at once. It also means accessing a universe of boundless creativity . An imagination that invites you to set sail. I can easily imagine the joy and bursts of laughter at cocktail hour with this bubbly woman. Obviously, she knows how to cultivate the joy of living.

Let's start with a coffee. Fortunately, the cups are MAGNIFICENT . I am in love. I'd like to empty his shop… No, rather move in there, so everything is there to my liking. I want some! I want some! You wanted to put some color in people's lives, ma'am? It succeeded!

Obviously, black and white are not his cup of tea!

Sophie's happiness is to extend her colors and designs to everyday objects. Going from ordinary to extraordinary just by opening the kitchen cupboard?

She paints colorful patterns on decanters and wine glasses with or without stems. Cups, teapots, spoon holders, presentation plates... once Pero 's touch is added, the mood is high. Try the experience! You will see! The flowers, cute characters, birds and cacti are gaga. You will fall in love too.

The collection featuring hummingbirds, plumes or Westfalia suddenly catches my eye. Pero is inspired by the seasons. She transforms everything she touches into wonder. It abounds with inventive concepts and positive projects here. I confirm it to you!

Bring your personal touch by having a personalized message written on one of his creations, such as a cup, for example. Some admirers of Pero entrust him with the creation of exclusive wedding gifts. What a good idea!

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Michel Labonté
Michel Labonté

Belle découverte votre boutique!

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