Trois idées originales pour gâter une enseignante exceptionnelle

Three original ideas to spoil an exceptional teacher

The school year is coming to an end and it's already time to think of a unique way to thank the teacher or educator who has made a difference to our child. From Monday to Friday, from September to June, they were present and they deserve special attention to highlight their involvement in the daily lives of our children. Rather than offering the same thing year after year, here are some product ideas that make a coffee cup change.


  1. A flowerpot with a plant

The botanical collection has it all! Discover a whole selection of cachepots, planters and watering cans to enhance any plant. Why not involve your child in choosing a plant by going to a garden center or a florist together, so that you can offer a little something that will certainly please the person who receives it. In addition to being a gift that lasts over time, this one will bring a touch of color to the classroom or office.

Teacher Pero gift idea by Sophie Perreault, handmade in Quebec
  1. A reusable water bottle

School days can be long for teachers, with corrections, recess and lesson planning. By offering a bottle of colored water, we will necessarily get into the habit of drinking water more often. In steel or glass, small or large, the online store offers a multitude of reusable insulated bottles and water bottles, so practical for staying hydrated all day!

Teacher Pero gift idea by Sophie Perreault, handmade in Quebec
  1. A candle

In collaboration with companies from here, we have designed a beautiful collection of candles that give any room a sweet scent. Choose from tantalizing scents and colorful designs sure to please even the pickiest noses. Once lit, the smell fills the whole room and creates an atmosphere filled with freshness and sweetness.

Teacher Pero gift idea by Sophie Perreault, handmade in Quebec

A little bonus: customize the room of your choice

What better than personalization to make a gift even more unforgettable? A date, word or quote can be added to the back of a flowerpot, watering can or water bottle for as little as $10 (certain conditions apply). A little word of thanks that makes all the difference. Just select "Add custom text" and fill in the comments box in the shopping cart when checking out.

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