Pero par Sophie Perreault : une touche de couleur dans votre quoditien

Pero by Sophie Perreault: a touch of color in your daily life

This article appeared on Jaune Blog by Camille on April 25, 2020.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can add an "extra" touch? Adding a little color to your daily life is the mission of Pero, an artist from the Outaouais who makes unique pieces that we use every day. Discover the colorful universe of Pero by Sophie Perreault.

I recently added the Buy Local category to my website to let you discover my favorite businesses, those that stand out with a unique and original product or service. Over the weeks, I will highlight local artists, boutiques and businesses that stand out. The one I'm talking about today is one of them.

I've known this company for as long as it's been around, because it was started in my living room. And yes, my mother is behind the Pero company. I have seen it evolve, renew itself, innovate and surpass itself constantly since its creation. I joined her team in January 2019 as a digital content assistant and photographer. I am the one who takes pleasure in preparing content for you in the form of newsletters, blogs and texts on social networks.

Pero, in addition to being a family business (the whole family participates in packaging, administration, delivery and exhibitions), is a company that deserves to be discovered more across Quebec, and this , for several reasons.

Unique and original creations

By taking a look at its website , you will quickly realize that there is no shortage of choice. From glass and steel water bottles, coffee mugs, wine glasses, cruets and butter dishes, to dinner plates, soup bowls and soap pumps - you are sure to find a product for add a touch of color to your daily life. There are over twenty designs to choose from including Sunflower, Cactus, Lilac, Westfalia and so much more.

Each piece is hand painted with attention to detail. The creations are all unique and in limited quantities, which means that if you have a crush on the online store or on Etsy , don't wait too long because it could be the last.

Gift ideas for all occasions

Products created by Pero are great gift ideas for many occasions, including:

  • Mothers' Day
  • Wedding gift
  • Retirement
  • teacher gift
  • hostess gift
  • Anniversary
  • Thanks
  • Christmas

What's even more awesome is that these are gifts that can complement each other over time. In other words, if you are invited to a friend's house and want to offer a duo of insulating glasses , you can offer an oil or butter dish with the same design the next time you give them a gift. Other combinations are also possible: cup and teapot , serving plate and soup bowl or even a soap pump for the bathroom and the next time, a glass of water decorated with the same motif.

It saves us the hassle of coming up with new ideas every time.

Rustic Boreal Collection

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who already seems to have it all, I've prepared a guide full of ideas for all tastes and budgets: The Art of Giving the Perfect Gift .

If you prefer to offer the choice, it is also possible to offer a gift card .

To personalize

To make this gift even more unique, Pero offers you to personalize the piece of your choice with a name, a quote, a date or a message that speaks to you. For a limited time, customization, a value of $10, is offered free of charge. You will only have to add the text in the comment box of your shopping cart.

Sunflower orange double wall glass

An ecological collection

Another aspect of this company that I like is the ecological concern behind some of the parts. A whole selection of products has been created with the aim of reducing our consumption of waste. By getting a reusable cup , you will avoid disposable cups and you will be able to benefit from discounts at certain merchants. There are also plenty of water bottle options, some of which are insulated, keeping your drink at the temperature for hours.

Hand painted water bottle collection by Pero

Hand painted glass water bottle by Pero

If you care about the environment, I invite you to read this blog post to learn more about the different eco-responsible options offered by Pero : Ecological solutions for a healthy planet .

Take your time with the #momentPero

One of the values ​​transmitted by Pero is the importance of taking time for yourself, every day. Whether it's reading your favorite magazine with a cup of coffee, treating yourself to a glass of wine over a good meal you've cooked or taking the time to train, all the ways are good for make it a priority, at least a few minutes a day. I tell you a little more about what #momentPero means in this article: Every day, I take advantage of my #momentPero .

You can also share your #momentPero on social networks using the hashtag. On his Instagram , we often see pictures of coffees or glasses of wine that customers have taken in the comfort of their homes or even while traveling. It's a whole movement that was created around the importance of taking time for yourself.

Every day I enjoy my #momentPero

To know more

Finally, if you want to be kept up to date with new products, promotions, events and exclusives, you can subscribe to the Les Nouvelles colo r ées de Pero newsletter. You will also get 10% off your first purchase.

You can also follow Pero on social networks (Facebook , Instagram , YouTube and Pinterest ).

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