Comme un samedi matin

like a saturday morning

The weekend is always a much appreciated time. After a long week of work, you can finally rest and take time for yourself: wake up without an alarm, make yourself a good coffee and allow yourself to watch a show or two without guilt, wrapped in a thick blanket.

The weekend is also the time to prepare a good breakfast. At home, it is often pancakes or French toast that accompany our Saturday mornings. I also wanted to share with you some recipes that are ideal for mornings when you have a little more time to cook:

I lay a beautiful table filled with my favorite creations, with a beautiful tablecloth from Simons and matching napkins. I thus have the impression of being in a restaurant. The bottle of maple syrup in hand, we start the morning gently, before getting ready for a day outdoors or a day of cocooning.

Pero Moment

But what makes these mornings so unique?

This is because we appreciate the present moment more. We forget to look at the time and we finally slow down. We allow ourselves to rest and simply do what we like. We cook good comfort food, we take a walk in the forest, we read a book or we occupy ourselves with activities that make us forget our daily lives.

Yet, no matter how busy our days are, we should always allow ourselves little moments when time seems to stand still. Moments when we forget to check our phone, when we disconnect at 100% and take full advantage of the present moment.

This is what inspired me to create the #momentPero , this idea that every day, we should integrate a moment that is fully dedicated to us. Whether it's with a nice coffee mug, our favorite bowl, an insulated bottle during a walk or a lit candle during a bath, all the ways are good to take care of yourself with one of my creations. I talk about it a little more in detail in a blog post on this subject: Every day, I take advantage of my #momentPero .

Each of my pieces is designed to inspire you to enjoy the moment by doing something that makes you happy. So, which pieces will accompany you in your next #momentPero ?

Pero Moment

Pero by Sophie Perreault

Text and photos by Camille Labonté

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