Trois façons d'apprécier l'hiver avec Pero

Three ways to enjoy winter with Pero

Do you like winter?

Are you the type to isolate yourself under a mountain of woolen sweaters and never go out again until spring? Or rather to enthusiastically take out your mittens as soon as the first opportunity arises?

While waiting for the sweet return of spring, I would like to share three tips with you to make winter more pleasant.

  1. Enjoy winter sports

Generally, one of the reasons why winter is less appreciated is because of the cold, isn't it? Still, remember there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Get out your big mitts, your best scarf and your warmest boots and enjoy!

Pero pink flower gray mug by Sophie Perreault

Our beautiful country is full of outdoor activities for all tastes and all ages. Whether you are in the city or in the countryside, it is so easy to enjoy the joys of winter:

  • Skate
  • Racket
  • cross-country skiing
  • Alpine skiing
  • slide
  • Dog sled

Find out about the opportunities offered in your area, there are several and they are very affordable.

Personally, as soon as the opportunity arises, I take out my snowshoes and go for some fresh air in the forest! It feels good to take a break from work and clear your mind!

Insulated bottle signed Pero
Duo insulating glasses signed Pero
Other times, when conditions permit, I love family outings on skates. In the Outaouais region, my two favorites are the Rideau Canal and Patinage en forêt du Lac-des-Loups , a 3 km ice track in the heart of the snowy forest. It is magic!

Insulated reusable water bottle signed Pero by Sophie Perreault
For a little extra motivation, why not invite some friends to join you? Time always flies faster in good company, doesn't it?

What I particularly like to keep myself warm is to bring hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) in an airtight and insulated container. In store, I offer a whole selection of insulated bottles that are perfect for that!

If you prefer to travel light, enjoy your hot chocolate after your sports activity in one of my insulated mugs. I have many models of double-walled mugs and glasses that keep your liquid hot for hours without burning your fingers.

Insulating double-walled cup signed Pero by Sophie Perreault

Insulating glasses signed Pero

  1. Cook comfort food

Once all our energy is spent, we often feel hungry, right? What could be better than a good bowl of comfort food ?

For those discovering my colorful universe for the first time, you will quickly realize that my mission is to bring ordinary tableware to life. That's why I strongly encourage you to visit the " Soup bowls " section to find your favourite. Trust me, your meal will taste so much better in a Pero signature bowl!

Soup bowl signed Pero

  1. Switch to “cocooning” mode

Give ourselves the right, once in a while, to give ourselves time for ourselves. Spending a whole day, wrapped up in a soft blanket, watching a good movie, feels so good. No matter how busy our lives get, tuning into what I like to call the #Peromoment is key.

Mini cactus coffee cup by Pero

Westfalia reusable bottle by Pero

What is this?

It is above all an invitation to take time for yourself every day. Whether it's reading your magazine, listening to your favorite show or taking a yoga class, all the ways are good to put yourself first.

We shouldn't feel guilty for taking time for ourselves every day.

Gray cup pink flower signed Pero

Besides, it always warms my heart when you share your #momentPero on social networks.

In short, I invite you to take advantage of the last moments that winter has to offer us with your favorite Pero product! You'll see, with a little color in your life, we have more reasons to smile!


Written by Camille Labonté – Digital Content Assistant and Photographer for Pero

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