Se reconnecter avec la nature

Reconnect with nature

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What does the outdoors mean to you? When you're surrounded by trees and you take a deep breath, how do you feel? Discover what inspired me the Boréale Rustic and Poisson collections.

Pero Rustic Boreal Shatterproof Glass

When I was very young, I spent my summers in a chalet, lost in the depths of the woods. I learned very early how to fish and spot the leaves of the blueberry bushes. Cut off from the rest of the world, my family and I spent quality time with each other, laughing by the campfire or marveling at starry nights.

Even today, although I no longer go to this same chalet often because of the distance, I cherish these memories, because these summers were synonymous with sweetness, simplicity and tranquility. Currently, I am fortunate to have a forest rich in diversity as a backyard. The leafy trees merge with the conifers, the deer roam freely and the song of the birds is heard for miles around. I appreciate, in the morning, while preparing my coffee, looking out my kitchen window at all this natural beauty that surrounds me and gives me a feeling of serenity.

Rustic Boreal Glass Soup Bowl

Hand painted rustic boreal design butter dish by Pero

Being in nature means disconnecting from reality, which can sometimes become overwhelming. We don't take enough time to breathe fresh air. Surrounded by vegetation, we forget the worries of our daily lives, we abandon our responsibilities for a few moments and we focus only on the present moment.

It is in this state of mind that I created for some time now the Boréale rustic collection as well as the Poisson collection. They come in several pieces: oil cruet, butter dish, reusable cup, coffee cup, soup bowl, presentation plate, etc.

Butter dish, presentation plate and water bottle with fish design infuser

Rustic boreal soup bowl and cruets by Pero

Hunting and fishing, outdoor, four-wheeler and side-by-side, cottage and boat enthusiasts will certainly find the piece they need to bring a little nature into their daily lives.

My intention, when you use your room decorated with fir trees, is that you grant yourself this moment of sweetness. My pieces are much more than just a piece of tableware, they convey an inspiring message.

Rustic boreal eco cup and teapot by Pero

As the Tournesol collection is a symbol of optimism , the rustic Boréale collection and the Poisson collection are symbols of calm and serenity. In future articles, I will share my inspiration for each of my collections.

Now, what does the outdoors mean to you?

Pero Rustic Boreal Collection by Sophie Perreault

Hand painted porcelain soup bowl by Pero

Finally, I had the chance to collaborate recently with the Quebec company Rustik Work , which works with wood to create magnificent pieces.

Collaboration between Pero and Rustik Work

Written by Camille Labonté – Photographer and content creator for Pero

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Le plein-air pour moi, c’est respirer la nature. Peu importe la saison, son parfum change; de frais à doux, en passant par le froid au chaud, elle décline les odeurs de feuilles, sapinage et de bois.
L’inspiration d’un soleil qui éclaire un arbre à l’été, des couleurs flamboyantes, d’une forêt enneigée ou de fleurs de pommiers font partie de tout ce que j’aime de cette nature que nous devons tous protéger…

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