Mes recettes préférées pour recevoir à l’apéro

My favorite recipes to receive at the aperitif

How nice it is to receive those you love at home! Around a beautiful table, family and friends gather to catch up on lost time and reminisce about moments of nostalgia. We share a bottle of wine, we taste appetizers and we enjoy the present moment.

Over time, I've gotten into the habit of keeping a list of recipes that are easy to make, but that always impress. Inspired by the fruits and vegetables of the moment, I take advantage of the harvest season to share with you five of them, which will please your guests!

  1. Prosciutto and cantaloupe bites

Cut the cantaloupe into small cubes, then roll up a thin slice of prosciutto. Add a toothpick and drizzle with balsamic vinegar as a finishing touch.

  1. Tomato pie

What I love about this recipe is that it adapts to make room for the ingredients you have on hand. On a puff pastry, add fresh tomatoes cut into slices, of all colors, with cheese, Dijon mustard and basil. Josée Di Stasio offers you her recipe , and she suggests you add olives and grated Gruyère.

  1. Peach and Ricotta Toast

When Ontario peaches hit the grocery store shelves, this recipe is a must. Cut a loaf of bread and toast the slices with a little butter in a pan. Whisk ricotta in a blender with lemon juice and olive oil ( see Choosing Chia's recipe ), then spread the spread on the bread. Then add sliced peaches, tomatoes, prosciutto and basil, then garnish with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and freshly ground pepper.

  1. Grape bites with goat cheese and walnuts

The ultimate finger food ! It's hard not to eat the whole plate… Ateliers et Saveurs offers you a recipe to prepare in 20 minutes, with pine nuts and a honey and thyme dip.

  1. Tomato, cheese and basil salad

This recipe is a must for me, to which I add seasonal foods: watermelon, strawberries, mangoes, cantaloupe, etc. For the cheese, I vary between burrata, feta, bocconcini or grilled halloumi. Served on a presentation plate or in the form of verrines, it is bursting with flavor! Zeste offers you a basic recipe , but you are free to adapt it according to your desires of the moment. In addition to being excellent as an aperitif, it goes well with grilled meats or burgers.

I could have included dozens of other recipes, but these are easy to make with just a few ingredients, inexpensive, and just as delicious. And you, what is your go-to recipe when you receive guests?

Pro tip: always have a fresh basil plant in your kitchen, it's the perfect ingredient to enhance your recipes! And why not put it in a beautiful flowerpot ?

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