5 idées de cadeaux de mariage uniques

5 unique wedding gift ideas

Summer is the season for reunions, festivities... and weddings! To mark this special event in the life of those who are dear to us, we seek to offer a meaningful, symbolic and memorable gift. To inspire you, we offer five unique gift ideas that will stand out from the pack.


1. A pair of wine glasses and a decanter

The art of hospitality often involves preparing a good meal, served on a well-decorated table. What better way to complete the whole thing than a pair of wine glasses and a hand-painted water carafe. Several colorful options can be found on the online store .

2. A butter and oil dish duo

Kitchen enthusiasts love to decorate their space with timeless, practical and beautiful objects. A butter dish and oil dish combo is one of the essentials in a kitchen, so why not match two creations of the same design and offer a most original gift?

3. Four matching wine glasses

Which one is my drink? ” We've all asked ourselves the question at a party after putting our drink next to another. To avoid this situation, a pair of wine glasses is the perfect gift, since it is easy to tell them apart. With one flower at the top and the other at the bottom, we immediately know which one is ours. Handy, right? And since we sometimes receive guests, a quartet of matching glasses in two different colors is simply the perfect gift.

4. A duo for olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Any self-respecting Italian food lover must have a bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar in their kitchen, a delicious combo with pasta, pizza, salads or baguette.

Rather than having a bottle bought at the grocery store on your counter, we suggest you fill these hand-painted bottles, which will add a touch of color to any kitchen.

5. A watering can and a flowerpot

A bathroom, a living room or an office are rooms that we like to personalize and add a touch of color. A wall planter, a terracotta flowerpot or a miniature concrete flowerpot are small elements that make all the difference in a decor.

How to make your gift even more unique?

Personalization, a $10 value, allows you to add a short text, name, date or quote to any Pero creation. Take the opportunity to register the name of the newlyweds and the date of this significant day.

Still undecided? Offer a gift card , so as to leave the choice among all the options.

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