6 conseils pour rendre le télétravail plus agréable

6 tips to make working from home more enjoyable

Since March 13, 2020, the vast majority of us have been forced to adapt somehow to a new reality: teleworking. Recent events have changed not only our daily lives, but also our tasks, our working hours and our way of perceiving work in general.

To optimize this new way of life, we thought it would be a good idea to suggest some tips for staying healthy, motivated and happy despite the circumstances. Here are 6 tips to optimize telework.

1. Hydrate

Do you drink enough water in a day? Throughout the day, it is important to keep a glass of water nearby and to refill it regularly. Choose a glass ( glass or steel ) with your favorite design, add a quote that inspires you or a word that you like and put it prominently on your desk as a reminder to drink as often as possible.

It is also possible to flavor your water with herbs or fruits to give it a taste. Find out more about the different infuser bottles that are available on the store.

Being well hydrated not only allows for better concentration, but it also brings many health benefits.

2. Take breaks

We can never repeat it enough, but taking breaks is so essential for our mental health! You have to listen to your body and your mind and know how to stop when necessary. Whether it's taking a walk outside, preparing a coffee or tea (in beautiful colored cups! ) or reading a few pages of a magazine, all the ways are good to take a few moments, recharge your batteries and evacuate the accumulated stress.

3. Make your workspace a welcoming place

With the number of hours we spend at our office, it's nice that it's set up our way and that we enjoy sitting there. Opt for a bright place, clear your workspace so that it is airy, decorate it with plants for maximum oxygen or add small touches of color (photos, works of art, a vase of flowers, etc).

Photo credit: Mini Zoom Photography

4. Have good posture

To avoid possible health problems, it is worth learning about the ideal posture to adopt and investing in ergonomic equipment: desk, keyboard, mouse, chair, etc. On this subject, a very relevant episode of Télé-Québec (It's worth the cost) informs us about good practices in ergonomics measurement in teleworking: Ergonomics and telework (it's worth listening to it!)

Photo credit: Entrac

5. Move

By dint of spending the day sitting, we tend to have numb muscles. It's time to get up and move! So many sports can be practiced from home, especially from free videos on YouTube: yoga, zumba, cross-fit, spinning. Personally, I have a crush on Sydney Cummings' videos and the Darebee website (a platform with thousands of no-equipment exercises).

Ideally, getting at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, at least 3 times a week, is optimal and you will feel the benefits on your mood, sleep and concentration.

6. Listen to music

Finally, a perfect way to boost our mood is to put on a playlist of music according to our desires: energizing, throwback to the 90s, atmosphere, relaxation, motivation, etc. It puts us in a good mood, we feel less alone and it passes the time.


Do you have any other suggestions that I could add to this list? Please let me know if these tips were helpful to you. We don't know how long we'll continue to work or study from home, so we might as well make it fun, right?

Above all, make sure you keep in touch with your loved ones, check in with them, and do something that makes you happy every day.

Don't forget your #momentPero!

Written by Camille Labonté – Digital Content Assistant and Photographer for Pero

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