5 bonnes raisons d'avoir un verre isolant Pero cet été

5 good reasons to have a Pero insulating glass this summer


Summer is made for having cocktails on the terrace, enjoying the cool water of the swimming pool, going to the chalet and relaxing in the sun. Whatever your plans this summer, it's important to remember to stay hydrated all day long!

Speaking of which, I have an entire collection of insulating glasses that are absolutely perfect. If you don't already have yours, here are five reasons to convince you!

Pero insulating glass by Sophie Perreault

1. It will keep the temperature of your drink longer

And yes, these glasses have an insulated wall that keeps your cocktail, beer or juice cool for a few hours. No more lukewarm beer or cocktails that taste like water because all the ice cubes have melted too quickly!

For coffee or tea, it will stay warm longer and you won't burn your fingers.

Pero insulating glass by Sophie Perreault

2. Several options are available for all tastes

In addition to having several lens sizes, they are available in several colors and with unique designs.

There are two formats that apparently look different, but in reality, the same amount of liquid is contained. Whether you take the glass higher or lower, it fits 355 mL (12 oz), the equivalent of a can.

Each size comes in a variety of colors, from metallic gray to vibrant turquoise, pearl white, coral, beige, fuschia, blue, green and more! The choice is not lacking, to say the least.

And for those who like even more choice, you will be delighted to find that more than twenty designs exist: cactus, Westfalia, flower, flamingo, cardinal, lilac, pineapple, hummingbird, etc.

An original idea when you buy more than one is to use the same design on different colored lenses. This way you can easily distinguish which is yours.

If you have a crush on a particular design and it is not offered on the glass you want, write to me by email and I will do my best to fulfill your order according to the availability of parts and deadlines. of creations required.

Pero insulating glass by Sophie Perreault

3. It can be taken everywhere, for all occasions

Whether camping, in the spa, at the cottage, on the edge of a lake, on a boat, at the beach, during a picnic or a barbecue, all the reasons are good to bring your drink Pero insulation. It will add color to your table and I'm sure your drink will taste better than drinking it from a regular glass.

4. It is practical and zero waste

In addition to being BPA free, the insulated glass also comes with a lid and part of my collection comes with a reusable straw. This will prevent an insect or other from falling into your glass.

On my last trip down South, I brought my insulated glass with me and had it refilled at the bar to avoid being given a disposable glass.

Did you know it floats too?

Pero insulating glass by Sophie Perreault

5. It is durable and resistant

The stainless steel that this glass is made of is known for its durability.

In order to preserve the shine and the color, it is advisable to wash your glass by hand with a mild soap. Also, due to the metallic side of the steel, these glasses are not microwave safe.

Finally, I am sure that you will appreciate the touch of color that this creation will bring to your daily life. Trust me, your drink will taste better in such a pretty glass!

So, which insulating glass will you choose to accompany you all summer long?

Pero insulating glass by Sophie Perreault

Written by Camille Labonté – Digital Content Assistant and Photographer for Pero


Lyne Goyette
Lyne Goyette


Comme ça sera des verres que j’utiliserais beaucoup, je voulais savoir si la peinture va résister à autant de lavage ? Quel technique utilisez vous pour vous en garantir ?

Merci et WoW. Je viens de découvrir votre boutique et c’est tout simplement fabuleux tout ce que vous offrez.


Carole Rice
Carole Rice

J’en veux au moins 4. Où est-ce qu’on peut en acheter et où peut-on voir tous les modèles? Merci

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