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5 reasons to offer (or to offer yourself) a Pero gift

Looking for an original, local and unique gift that will please every time? Discover five reasons to offer or treat yourself to one of my creations and be inspired by dozens of products for all occasions, no matter your budget!


1. Handmade by a Quebec company

Handmade creations have this little something unique that differentiates it from large multinationals: behind each piece is a passionate entrepreneur who puts a lot of love into his business. Buying local not only means supporting a local business, but also offering the fruit of quality work, created with know-how and attention to detail.

2. Customizable

What sets my business apart is that almost all of my pieces are customizable. On the back of a water bottle, mug or even a glass, it is possible to add a short text, name, date or quote to the back to make this creation more unique. When ordering, you will see this addition on the product page (at a cost of $10). Then just add this text in the comment box of your shopping cart.

3. Unique and colorful

I am often told how much joy a Pero creation brings to the day of the person who uses it. With a soap pump that sits proudly in the bathroom or a bottle of olive oil in a kitchen, add a touch of color to any room.

4. An invitation to take care of yourself

From time to time, we all need a moment to relax and take time for ourselves. Whether taking a walk in nature, reading your favorite novel or being wrapped up in a soft blanket in front of a good movie, my Pero creations accompany you in every way and invite you to fully enjoy your #Peromoment .

5. Complementary

You are invited for dinner with a couple of friends and you want to offer a hostess gift that will leave a nice impression. Why not offer a carafe of water? On a future occasion, avoid breaking your head by offering a complementary gift, for example, a pair of wine glasses with the same pattern. Or, give a soap pump to celebrate a new move and next time, give a cachepot or a butter dish. The possibilities are limitless!

If you are still hesitating, simplify your life by offering a gift card , so that the choice is up to the person to whom you are offering it. She will be delighted to browse all the options and you will be sure to offer a gift that will make her happy.

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