Tournesol et optimisme

Sunflower and optimism

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At the end of July, I allowed myself a well-deserved vacation, a question of recharging my batteries, rekindling my inspiration and spending quality time with those who are dear to me.

Among our destinations, we spent a few days in Sandbanks, Toronto and Niagara-on-the-Lake. At the latter location, we had rented an Airbnb in the countryside and when we arrived, what was my joy to find that our view was a field of sunflowers! It was so beautiful!

During our stay, we observed the workers relentlessly picking, like dedicated little bees, these beautiful flowers, probably intended to be sold at florists or outdoor markets. The sun was beating down and they were dressed from head to toe. I admired their perseverance.

One morning, my sister-in-law, a runner, went jogging. One of the workers, all smiles, approached her and gave her a beautiful bouquet of flowers! It is therefore with great pleasure that we transported them with us to our next destinations, adding color to each place we visited.

I have always found sunflowers to be symbolic of optimism. The name as such means that they turn towards the sun. It inspires me, in a way, to realize that when life gets in the way, we just have to turn to the sun and see the bright side of things.

Moreover, for a few weeks, I started to put my gratitude on paper every day. Early riser by nature, I take advantage of the tranquility of the house and the softness outside to reflect on all that I am grateful for. As the weeks pass, it becomes easier and easier to find reasons to give thanks in life. When we only focus on the positive, life gives us more reasons to smile.

“Smile at life and life will smile at you. This little quote, I find it so pure.

So, when I came back home after these few days in the sun, we took advantage of the freshness of my bouquet to immortalize some photos with pieces from my collection with sunflower motifs.

Carrying an eco-friendly bottle or a reusable cup with this pattern with me is a little daily reminder to see the positive in everything around us. When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, you have to look for the stars.

Every design I paint on my pieces has a meaning. The Westfalia or #vanlife collection is a symbol of travel, escape and openness to the world. The cactus is a symbol of courage and determination. No matter which piece you choose, whether it's a soap pump, coffee mug, or teapot, every time you use it, you'll get a little reminder of this important message.

By the way, for those who don't know yet, I recently collaborated with Kassiopeia La Bohème to release two saddlebag flaps with my designs, including the sunflower! Official photos haven't been released yet, but I'll definitely publish a future article about it.

In the meantime, I hope you find in the design of your choice a meaning that inspires you personally. Find every day in everything around you reasons to smile. If your favorite sweater gives you confidence, wear it more often! If a piece of jewelry brings you luck, wear it proudly. If your morning coffee gives you energy, drink it with a smile. In short, make every aspect of your life a source of happiness, so that every moment makes you fully happy.

Written by Camille Labonté – Photographer and content creator for Pero

1 comment

Sylvie Croisetiere
Sylvie Croisetiere

J’aime beaucoup ce texte ! Comme précédemment, tu écris en décrivant les choses simplement mais, tout l’essentiel y est. C’est fluide et donc, agréable à lire. Merci ! Pourquoi ne pas nommer ta collection tournesols…GRATITUDES, tout simplement ?

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