Les bienfaits des plantes dans nos vies

The benefits of plants in our lives

Spring is finally with us! This season is synonymous with renewal and greenery, both indoors and outdoors! This is the time to sow your seeds, plan your garden, set up your terrace and above all repot your indoor plants.


Since the launch of the Botanical collection, two years ago, I have developed a passion for plants that continues to grow. My studio alone has over 25 plants, not to mention the rest of the house, which is filled with greenery! It makes me so happy to take care of them and watch them grow. By the way, it's no coincidence that the color of my logo is green, because this color represents freshness, positivity and calm.

A plant is certainly something that offers itself well as a gift, since it is alive and endures over time. It is a most appreciated gift idea, especially with a pretty coordinated planter.

Did you know that plants, in addition to decorating our decor, provide many benefits, both physical and psychological?

The benefits of plants in our daily lives

Since the arrival of telework, our homes have become our workspace. On average, we spend more than 85% of our time indoors, often surrounded by technology and far from the benefits of nature. In addition to making your home a welcoming place, having plants at home offers the following advantages:

  • Plants provide close contact with nature, they reduce anxiety and bring positive benefits to our mental and psychological health.
  • Plants can regulate the temperature and humidity of your home or office.
  • In addition to being a source of joy, they purify the quality of the air. Their presence helps boost morale, reduce fatigue, lower blood pressure and regulate heart rate.
  • The presence of plants in an interior space improves the attention, the concentration, the reaction time and the creativity of the people who are surrounded by them.

I invite you to read the book Houseplants: Essentials know-how and expert advice for gardening success , a very relevant book to take better care of our plants.

A few essentials to enhance your decor

The botanical collection not only offers you a fine selection of watering cans for all tastes, but also cachepots of different sizes and planters. Go take a look to discover nearly fifty colorful creations.

Besides, if you think you don't have a green thumb, here are seven easy-care plants:

  • Sanseveria or mother-in-law's tongue
  • ZZ plant
  • Palm tree parlor (safe for animals)
  • monstera
  • Pet safe spider plant
  • Aloe (needs lots of sun)
  • Philodendron

Do not hesitate to share your photos of your #momentPero on social networks, I like to see my creations in your daily life. For more practical advice on plants and how to take care of them, I also invite you to consult the profiles of @laura_pigeon and @shop_espacemaude on Instagram, which I particularly like to follow.

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