Astuces et conseils essentiels pour préserver la qualité de votre huile et vinaigre

Essential tips and advice for preserving the quality of your oil and vinegar

You know that it is always important for me to offer you quality products with a goal in mind in order to constantly improve your daily life!
Here are tips and tricks to better understand and make an informed choice for the use of specific bottles to preserve the quality of your oil or vinegar.
  • Protection from light : Dark glass bottles, such as amber or green, help protect contents from exposure to light. Light can accelerate the oxidation process of oils and alter the flavor and quality of vinegar.
You will find in my shop different options either in glass or stoneware.
If you use clear glass, be sure to store your bottles in a dark, cool place to minimize exposure to light and air.
I always place my multiple bottles far from my window!
Some prefer clear glass for aesthetic reasons, as it makes it easy to see the contents of the bottle.
I also like to give a second life to certain recycled bottles like the following photo!
    • Non-reactivity : Glass, ceramic, porcelain, stoneware or stainless steel bottles are non-reactive materials. They do not react chemically with oil or vinegar, which could then alter their taste or quality.
    • Airtight : Glass or stainless steel bottles with airtight caps help maintain a good airtight seal, which reduces oxidation of oils and helps preserve their freshness and flavor.
    My bottles all come with a cork.
    • Contamination Prevention : Tightly closed bottles help prevent contamination by foreign particles or microorganisms.

    • On the market there are a wide variety of oils and vinegars, each with their own characteristics, flavors and uses.

    Here are some common types of oils and vinegars:

      Oils :

      1. Extra virgin olive oil : This oil is extracted from olives and is considered the highest quality of olive oil. It is often used for cooking, salad dressing, and low-temperature cooking.

      2. Sunflower Oil : A light, versatile oil extracted from sunflower seeds. It is used for frying, cooking and baking due to its neutral taste.

      3. Rapeseed (or canola) oil : A light oil made from rapeseed, appreciated for its high content of omega-3 fatty acids. It is suitable for cooking, frying and baking.

      4. Coconut Oil : Extracted from coconut pulp, this oil is solid at room temperature and liquefies at higher temperatures. It is particularly used for high temperature cooking, baking and Asian recipes.

      5. Avocado Oil : An oil rich in monounsaturated fats, extracted from avocado pulp. It is appreciated for its subtle flavor and is often used in salad dressings, sauces and pan-fried dishes.

      6. Camelina oil , also known as bastard linseed oil or gold of pleasure, is a cold-pressed vegetable oil from the seeds of the camelina plant (Camelina sativa). This plant is native to Europe and Asia, and its oil is increasingly appreciated for its nutritional and culinary qualities.
      Discover these Quebec companies: as well as


        1. Balsamic Vinegar : A dark, sweet vinegar, originally from Italy, made from aged grape must. It is used in salad dressings, marinades, sauces and sweet and savory dishes.

        2. Red Wine Vinegar : Made from fermented red wine, this vinegar has a robust flavor, so it's perfect in salad dressings, sauces, and casseroles.

        3. Apple Cider Vinegar : A slightly acidic vinegar made from fermented apple cider. It is valued for its probiotic properties and is wonderful in salad dressings, marinades and health drinks. Discover

        4. Rice Vinegar : A mild, slightly sweet vinegar made from fermented rice. It is popular in Asian cuisine, particularly in sushi, marinades and sauces.

        5. White Wine Vinegar : A clear, lively vinegar made from fermented white wine. It is found in salad dressings, marinades, sauces and preserves.

        In summary, using appropriate bottles goes a long way to protecting the quality, taste and freshness of your oil or vinegar, ensuring better long-term storage.

        By cooking with the formats that I offer you you optimize your recipes and the filling is often done so better conservation is optimal!

        I also invite you to discover the local companies that offer beautiful varieties of oils and vinegar, in particular one of my points of sale, the wonderful boutique

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