Découvrir le cadeau parfait en toute saison- le verre canette ultra tendance!

Discover the perfect gift for all seasons - the ultra-trendy can glass!

You know how I always like to create and offer you unique and different products. Here you will discover the flagship product in my store for all seasons!

Why offer this popular glass?

Can-sized glasses are a trend that emerged in response to the popularity of beverage cans. Can-sized glasses mimic the familiar shape of soda and beer cans, but are usually made of glass or plastic.

The ones I offer in store are made of glass, because I paint them by hand. They are then baked to seal the paint. It is not a process of sublimation or created on the computer, it is rather a work of art and creation painted very gently. This guarantees you a unique product available in very very limited quantities.

This trend aims to bring an element of novelty and modernity to the presentation of drinks, playing on the familiarity of the shape of the can.

These glasses can be used to serve a variety of drinks, from sodas to cocktails to soft drinks. They are available in different sizes and designs, providing consumers with a unique visual experience when enjoying their favorite drinks.

Some come with a bamboo and straw lid, others without a lid to meet all needs and budgets.

3 advantages of can-sized glasses

  1. Modern Aesthetic : Can-sized glasses can give drinks a modern, hip look, which can catch the eye of consumers looking for something unique.

  2. User Experience : The familiar shape of cans can evoke a sense of nostalgia while providing a new and interesting experience when enjoying drinks.

  3. Personalization : Glasses can be personalized with specific designs, messages or quotes, making them a popular choice for special events, parties and corporate gifts. Pero offers you more than 10 colorful designs. Here is the link to discover them: https://pero-qc.com/collections/verres-canettes

hand painted daisy glass can

glass can with lid and glass straw cosmos flower design

boreal design can glass

glass can nasturtium flower design

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The art of hydrating in style by Pero!

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