Huilier en grès peint à la main design tulipe rose moiré signé Pero
Bouteille huile ou vinaigre peinte à la main par Pero. Design tulipe

Oil or vinegar bottle three orange tulips design

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*Parce que chaque création colorée, unique et exclusive sont peintes à la main les délais afin de recevoir votre futur #momentPero sont les suivants: elles seront prêtes à quitter mon atelier: 3-5 jours ouvrables. Si vous avez opté pour l'ajout de la personnalisation d'une citation inspirante, le délai sera entre 4 et 7 jours ouvrables. *

White sandstone bottle, hand painted by Pero, There is a drawing of orange tulips, so it becomes a unique and original gift! Quality olive oil or vinegar, dish soap and even maple syrup, presented in this bottle, bring a nice touch of originality to your counter or table. An ideal complement as a hostess gift! It is signed and dated. It preserves the quality of your oil due to its opacity. The bottle measures 3 "in diameter and is 12" high with the cap. It is airtight with the sealing cap. It has a capacity of 450 mL or 16 oz. The design of the photo can be slightly changed, as these are hand painted pieces. *** This colorful and unique item is hand painted, it will be ready to ship within the following times: between 3-7 working days.