Boîte mystère #1

Boîte mystère #1

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*Cette création colorée et unique est peinte à la main. Elle sera prête à quitter mon atelier dans les délais suivants: 4-7 jours ouvrables. Si vous avez opté pour l'ajout de la personnalisation d'une citation inspirante, le délai sera entre 4 et 10 jours ouvrables. *

With the success of the first mystery box, I had no choice but to repeat the experience, this time under the theme of ecology, hence the launch on Earth Day.

What is a mystery box?

Each box is unique, with a surprise Pero creation, which you will only discover when you receive it.

Box #1 (a $60 value) contains a Pero product and a zero waste product from Planette.

In short, these are limited edition boxes to give or to treat yourself. You could receive any piece and any design and you won't find out until you open the box. Trust me to offer you creations that will become must-haves in your life while helping to reduce your impact on the environment every day.

*Please note that it is not possible to request a preference. No exchange or refund is possible.